Communication NKS makes business communication simple and more efficient by integrating the latest E-Mail Services, Instant Messaging and Phone Systems. We offer and support Microsoft, Unix, and Open Source products to fit the needs of any organization.
Business Continuity Mitigate downtime and service interruptions with our Backup and Restore services, Configuration Management, and Revision Control Systems.
Infrastructure Management NKS will manage, monitor, and support your network using DNS, Monitoring and Routing technologies. You can focus on your business knowing the technology and expertise is in our hands.
Network Security Guarantee that your network is secure by implementing the NKS Firewall, Virtual Private Networking and Authentication Services.
Collaboration Services Improve your everyday business processes by using collaboration software such as Microsoft SharePoint or Dynamics CRM. Keep your digital information organized with one of our Content Management offerings.
Hosted Services NKS' Hosted Services keep your business running smoothly. The technology easily scales with your business to ensure you are prepared to grow. Our offerings include Distributed File Systems, Databases, Directory Services and Virtualization Technologies.
Web Services NKS will help you implement the latest web technologies in the areas of Server Installation, Web Proxy/Caching, Platform Configuration, Search Engines, Programming and Authoring/Design.